About Me


I am currently based in the UK, I have completed my BA Fine Arts, and I mostly work with text as I have a life long interest with words.

 Artist Statement

I am currently working with texts, using recognizable artists’ and their quotes as my tool of manipulation. I am currently interested at exploring text as an image and image as text. As I consider myself as a mix media artist my body of work usually involves with mixing, utilising and experimenting with different materials that holds my interest, as well as using computer technology to manipulate and distort text and images.

Why I use texts?

Texts are important, and words are powerful, those are facts. We use it to document and to keep accords of everything, and it comes into forms of hundreds of different languages. Quotes are powerful, because they tell us something about a person we would never have been able to meet, it also gives us a preview of their mind sets; thoughts and inspirations able to get us into thinking mode. Important people such as William Shakespeare, Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci have always been a great fascination to us and we still are and constantly referring back to them. Pictures and portraits can only go so far. While it is another way of keeping records don’t feel it is as important because images are unable to tell us what they have gained in life, and how they have changed society and technology to what we have today.

My email: zwong25@hotmail.co.uk

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Z_Wong25


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