Francis Bacon – Wire Quote


Substituting embossing powder for black wire, the quote I used is The Job of the Artist is to Deepen the Mystery, this quote is by Francis Bacon, which is painstakingly hand stitched. This quote reminded me of the way art has changed over time, particularly abstract art, and how the Modernism has changed how art is seen and paving a way for new art and new exciting formats and experimentations. I felt this quote was appropriate as this is another of my experimentation of the visibility of text and how readable it can be. Like the canvases mentioned before, they make the viewer or reader to concentrate and get close to the piece in order to completely understand and decode what is written there, the words are near invisible when looked upon at a distance.

Z_wong fbacon wirequote   Z_wong fbacon wirequote closeup


Francis Bacon – The Job of the Artist is Always to Deepen the Mystery


“The Job of the Artist is Always to Deepen the Mystery.” – Francis Bacon

I have chosen this quote as I believe that some mystery in an art piece would make the work more interesting, it also tells how nowadays artwork doesn’t process a clear meaning and understanding upon first glance. Without comprehension, there is mystery.

zoe_wong-francisbacon 1

zoe_wong-francisbacon 3

zoe_wong-francisbacon 2