Wire Quote/Canvas – Collection


Okay, I have said that I wanted to create a collection of my wire writing and here is what I have made so far in it’s canvas form.

zoe_wong wire quote-tolerate reality


zoe_wong wire quote-darkeness and candles


zoe_wong wire quote-artists world

Some of these are close up of the wire text stitched upon canvas, depending on the size of the quote. The third piece the biggest one of all fills the whole canvas, again all these are large A3 canvases.


A5 Black Canvas


I have a fascination in the visibility of text, and how readable the text can be.

z_wong a5 canvas black


This series of small A5 black canvases is the product of that fascination and experimentation. When face to face to them, they aren’t as visible as the images shown, rather their visibility and ability to be read depends on the height in which they are displayed and the shade of the lightening, as well as the angle in which the viewer in peering from. Its good to note that reading the text upon this canvas is near impossible at a distance, to be read and to be understood, the viewer would have to peer close to the pieces. The text has a sort of shiny reflection when gazed at from certain angles, which is sure to catch the viewers’ attention.

Those pieces were created by experimentation of minimal approach and construction, an example of this would be the small sized canvases were constructed with only two materials, paint and embossing powder, both of which is the same colour. Like Edward Rushca, the piece is only of colour and text, and still manages to portray its text and message in a bold sharp fashion.


Z_wong black canvas 1 Z_wong black canvas 2Z_wong black canvas 3

Yow! – There are no rules, only materials.


Yow! – “There are no rules, only materials.”

This quote I’ve chosen rings true to the modern approach that now is what and may be conceived as art. This piece has been manipulated to look like physical material and a physical process have created it when it has been made digitally. The piece below holds the same principle, but appears to have been created by using different means of material in substance.

zoe_wong-Yow 1


Arthur Schopenhauer – Treat a work of art like a prince. Like it speak to you first.


Arthur Schopenhauer – “Treat a work of art like a prince. Like it speak to you first.”

This quote I find interesting because it speaks and reflects both the artist and the viewer alike, and both having different reactions. As the manipulator I have paid attention to the word ‘speak’, presenting the quote to be loud and merging perhaps too much in with the background, while the next experiment is loud and somewhat bashful, standing and shouting to the viewer.

Figure 7

Figure 8

Ansel Adams – Not Everybody Trusts Paintings But People Believe Photographs


Ansel Adams – “Not Everybody Trusts Paintings But People Believe Photograph.”

This quote is chosen because I find that it contains the truth, which gives it power and strength. As we all know that cameras were invented to record something with precise perfection. Because of this, while I admire works of paintings that shows realism, I tend to enjoy abstract paintings with distorted images because there is no need for perfection within paintings as the photographs has taken over its ‘job’.